[GET] The Fame Jacking Method | FREE

[GET] The Fame Jacking Method | FREE

What is Fame Jacking Method?

Fame Jacking Method is an E-book written by Nate Fancher on how to grow on Instagram. Nate has more than 92000 followers on Instagram which he grew using the exact method — Fame Jacking Method over a period of 9 months only.

Course have 4 different primers which focuses on

  1. Brand and Niche Primers
  2. Content Primers
  3. Engagement Primers
  4. Business Primers
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What you will learn

Course teaches that how one can leverage a fame of existing famous person, place, or thing and create your own personal brand in detail.

Course explains the below important topics in detail

1. Niche Selection.

2. Define your brand

3. A Memorable Username, Profile Pic, and Name

4. An Optimized Profile Bio

5. Content Is Still King (Save Viral Content For Post Ideas)

6. Create A Content Calendar

7. Schedule Your Posting At Peak Times

8. Write Post Descriptions That Get People To Engage

9. Engagement Groups and Insta DM Groups

10. Introduction to IG Stories

11. Broadcast Killer IG Lives Regularly

12. Be Conversational In The Comments and DMs

13. Strategic Influencer Networking

14. Track Your Daily Growth And Monitor Your Insights

15. Move People To A Platform You OWN

16. Monetize Earlier Rather Than Later

Other Important Features

  1. Fame Jacking Method is Completely Newbie Friendly
  2. Course contains license rights. You can resell the training and earn the commissions
  3. Influencer case studies
  4. ABB advance training
  5. IG Money Power Pack

Bonuses #1

10K Every Month High Ticket Training (Value $97)

> The “Make Money Online” industry EXPOSED

> Learn How to use Fame Jacking with high ticket sales

> Bank easy $1,000 commissions every day

> High impact 3 Part video training series

Bonuses #2

Coke’s Masterful Marketing Secret Revealed (Value $47)

> How Coca-Cola gets in the heads of millions

> Copy their entire brand strategy on Instagram

> How their content built an empire, serving 1.9 billion servings per day

Bonuses #3

Will Smith Interview On The Power Of Story (Value $97)

> How story makes your content matter

> The four traits of every hero

> How to do storytelling and not infotelling


Highly Recommended. Course contains couple of important details which can boost your followers on Instagram. Also, you can resell the course and earn additional income in just $12.95

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