How to make your website an Earning Machine

Wondering the way to start a blog or the way to make a Website or blog as money earning machine.

Hi, I’m Yash and that I am blogging for two years. We are bossing towards a digital World, Where Earning money online is straightforward but not easy!

Have you ever thought of what it takes to be a blogger? If No, then you want to have heard what proportion bloggers earn, Yes that’s huge!

Main Statistics and Trends-how to form a blog to earn money

  • Bloggers who make quite $ 40,000 / annum place great emphasis on SEO. Their # 1 traffic source is typically Google organic search and that they are 4.3 times more likely to try out keyword research than low-income bloggers.
  • 70% of bloggers who earn quite $ 40,000 per annum say they’re active or very active promoters of their blogs, compared to only 14% of low-income bloggers.
  • Quality of content” is taken into account the # 1 most vital success factor among all bloggers. However, high-income bloggers placed more emphasis on promoting their content than low-income bloggers.
  • The most common reason for blogging is money-making, with two-thirds of all bloggers naming it as their main inspiration.
  • 45% of bloggers earning quite $ 40,000 per annum sell their product or service, while only 8% of low-income bloggers do.
  • Long articles are correlated successfully. Bloggers earning over $ 40,000 per annum say their hottest blog posts are, on the average, over 2000 words: 83% entirely low-income bloggers.

In today’s world for any problem, we search on the web for queries like the way to make a blog to earn money and that we visit different websites. These websites or blogs provide you content and answer your queries on topics like the way to make a blog to earn money. once you visit them you implement in your own way and easily once you get traffic, you earn money. Each and each answer are found on websites. This exposes an excellent opportunity for you to form a blog to earn money and begin posting content if you furthermore may want to earn in dollars!

Don’t start a blog just to form money, if you don’t have an interest in writing otherwise you don’t skills to write down , hire a content writer from Fiverr or MarketPresso. specialise in the content and be consistent for a minimum of 4-5 months to urge visible results. Money is that the by-product of excellent and genuine content. A successful blog can generate huge passive income.

Here you’ll find a step by step guide the way to make a successful blog and earn money.

How To Start?

Pick up a distinct segment (specific area of interest) and choose a blog name. you want to be clear about what you’ll provide to your users. People attempt to write on everything on different topics but it’s not the proper way don’t make a multitude. Be specific on a specific niche and style all of your blog consistent with it. Capture the actual interest of the audience.

Content is that the king and therefore the audience is everything. Don’t attempt to provide false news to the audience and don’t even attempt to cheat the audience.

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Choose A Blogging Platform

There are various platforms online which allow you to create your own blogs or websites. It’s important to settle on the proper platform consistent with your needs. examine all the features which a selected platform will provide you then choose accordingly.

A blogging platform puts your words into blog form. There are many to settle on from but WordPress is far and away from the foremost popular, and widely known because the best. WordPress is free.

The various types of Platform (Free and Premium)

Buy a website Name

Choosing and buying a custom domain is extremely important if you’re serious about blogging. The name will define your content, so it must be associated with your niche. It’s sort of a title in which you recognize how important it’s.

  • Keep the name short, no quite 15 characters.
  • Choose a high-level domain like .com, .net, or if you would like to focus on only India to settle on .in domain. Don’t accompany low levels like .xyz, .tk, or any.
  • Try to purchase the name without symbols and hyphens.
  • Hosting Your Website (I prefer Hostinger, and Resellerclub or better Contact Me I will Help you with cheapest)
  • My Preferred option to buy name is from => Godaddy, BigRock, Bluehost

After buying and connecting a website name. It’s a serious step to require your website online or to host it i.e To store the online site data and to load it when someone visits the web. For this, you need an internet hosting which is provided by web hosting companies.

What is web hosting? - Quora

There are various sorts of web hosting from which you’ll choose consistent with your requirements. These are:

Shared hosting

  • Virtual private server (VPS) hosting
  • Dedicated server hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • Managed hosting
  • Colocation

Keyword Research

After hosting your website, do keywords research that you simply are going to be targeting. realize their search volume, ranking difficulty, and other things. If any keyword has high search volume and low ranking difficulty then it’s good.

Start Posting Content

Start writing content for your audience—a minimum of a post once each day. Content will provide you everything. Consider a subject to write down and begin writing on the keywords which you researched.

Don’t copy content from other websites. Collect the info from different pages, draw a structure, and begin writing.

Setting up your Website Design and Tools

After doing of these steps you would like to line up some tools like Google webmaster tool, Google Analytics. In Google webmaster submit your sitemap and it’ll index the websites.

The New Google Analytics Home: Know Your Data

Google Analytics will allow you to know all the small print about the traffic approaching your websites. Like clicks, impressions, bounce rate, etc.

The final step is to monetize the content.

Once you begin getting traffic on your website you’ll start making money by monetization.

Don’t choose shortcuts and be loyal to the audience and it’ll take time to get revenue.

There are various sources of income for bloggers which are:

  • Advertisement
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Selling Products
  • Sponsor posts
  • And many more.

The primary source of income is advertisements

The advertisements are provided by Adsense ( A google product). There's a criterion for providing advertisements on any website.

Some Important Tips:

1)- Content is that the king

Just specialise in content, money is that the by-product

2)- Consistent

Be consistent. Don’t lose hope. Keep hustling and at some point you’ll successful

3)-Know That Interests of your audience

Research what your audience likes to read and write accordingly

4)- Never attempt to cheat the audience

Just to form money don’t attempt to cheat the audience by any mean

5)- Don’t copy other

Don’t just directly copy and paste content from other websites

6)- consider the future

Think of the future and be positive don’t worry about results

7)- write on the topics people are searching

Don’t write of topics that don’t have search volume. If nobody is searching it means no traffic and no income.

8)- Make your posts easy to read

Don’t use inappropriate language, make your content easily readable

9)- Write Catchy Headlines

Headlines play a crucial role. It’ll lure visitors to go to your page rather than other websites.

10)- Basic On-page SEO

SEO ( program Optimization) is important; it helps your website to rank and reach the audience.


Website Creation isn’t for everybody, it’s a skill which is to be learned, and it’s tons to find out. So continue learning and keep improving your developed websites without losing hope for a minimum of 4-5 months to ascertain results!

Keep hustling it won’t start within each day or a couple of days. you would like to stay your real work continuously and don’t worry about earnings. you’re performing on the basis and your tree is close to growing which can definitely generate an enormous amount of cash.

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