Some Unique Chrome Extension you Don’t Know

Some Unique Chrome Extension you Don’t Know

When trying to find apps and extensions for Chrome, most normally accompany people who are popular or recommended by others. However, there are unique, off-the-wall tools that a lot of wouldn’t look for , but would actually find unusually useful.

1. Story Wars

If you enjoy writing and seek your inspiration from collaboration with others like you, then take a peek at Story Wars. Pitch a story idea and once it’s published for the Story Wars community, others can add to it. This is a great way to enhance your writing, creativity, and even generate more ideas.

2. Pookatoo

Pookatoo is that the tool for the fantasy, gothic, spooky text creators. There are over 40 different coloured fonts, multiple sizes, background colours, and animations. So, whether you would like a vampire-like font for your website or a creepy phrase for your Halloween image, Pookatoo comes through.

3. Kitchen Style Visualiser

Ready for some kitchen remodeling? Kitchen Style Visualiser may be a Chrome app to help you find just the proper look. Select your wall units, flooring, worktops, and wall colour. Each provides modern, traditional, and painted options in order that you’ll detect precisely the right components.

4. Toast timer — Countdown timer

Are you within the marketplace for a singular countdown timer? Toast timer is a simple, intuitive option. You will see fun quotes about time and hear a nifty pop sound when the timer is up.

5. EdisonCloud

When it is time to learn about electricity and electronics, whether for school or simply general interest, EdisonCloud is your Chrome tool. With virtual instruments, sounds, and animations, you can create, test, and repair circuits. The 3D components available make it super easy and there are many useful features to check out.

6. Dog Age Calculator

For a simple way to calculate your dog’s age in human years, the Dog Age Calculator figures it out for you. Choose your dog’s breed and age in calendar years and months to get started. The app also displays life expectancy and a quick link to find out your cat’s age as well. 

7. 30s Neck Stretch

We see Chrome apps and extensions for helping you relax and letting you recognize when to require an opportunity . But it is not often that we see one dedicated to your neck health. 30s Neck Stretch is a handy tool for reminding you to do 30-second neck stretches every 45 minutes. For those that sit at a computer all day, this is often an excellent extension give try .

8. Space Station Finder

For those that have an interest in space, the space platform Finder Chrome app may be a neat tool. Enter or enable your current location to see where the space station is travelling per your spot. You can read brief details at the various points shown in the sky and check out the next passes with a click.

9. Motorcycle Weather

If you enjoy hopping on your motorcycle for a ride on a gorgeous day, then check out Motorcycle Weather. Created especially for those days where you want the wind in your hair, you can view current conditions, wind speed, and the day’s forecast. Plan your ride for the best time of the day with this cool tool. 

10. Batman News

If you’re a lover of the awesome superhero, then Batman News is that the app for you. The news and content come from which was founded in 2010. The app will open right in anew tab for you to catch up on all things Batman. If Spider-Man is more your style, then SpiderMan News from is another super app.

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